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Lavern Nair

Lavern Nair

Somatology - ITEC

Coming from the picturesque landscapes of Kwa-Zulu Natal, Lavern proudly holds a prestigious NQF Level 4 certification alongside an esteemed ITEC Diploma. With a remarkable tenure spanning over 16 years in the vibrant beauty spa industry, Lavern's professional journey commenced as a distinguished senior therapist and adept front desk coordinator upon her relocation to the bustling metropolis of Johannesburg in 2014.

Evolving swiftly within her roles, Lavern seamlessly transitioned into a leadership position at an esteemed Aesthetic Clinic, where her expertise shone brightly. Despite the unforeseen challenges brought about by the global pandemic, Lavern remained steadfast in her commitment to excellence.

Fueled by an indomitable spirit and armed with a wealth of experience and an extensive clientele, Lavern embarked on a bold entrepreneurial venture amidst the trying times of the pandemic, a testament to her resilience and determination.

Her insatiable thirst for knowledge and unwavering dedication to personal growth have guided her professional ascent. Thrilled to embark on a new chapter with Skin Renewal Fourways, Lavern eagerly anticipates the opportunity to forge meaningful connections and deliver unparalleled value to her esteemed patients.