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Lorian Poley

Lorian Poley

Somatology - ITEC, CIBTAC

Lorian is a staunch advocate for work ethic and professionalism, embodying these principles throughout her illustrious career trajectory. Her journey commenced within the realm of beauty, where she honed her craft and swiftly ascended to the pinnacle of medical aesthetics.

At the core of Lorian's work is a deep-seated passion for skin treatments. She orchestrates the transformation of her patients' visages with meticulous care. It's within these transformative moments that she witnesses not just a change in appearance but a profound evolution in self-assurance. Each encounter is a unique journey crafted to the specific desires and aspirations of her patients, making them feel truly valued and understood.

For Lorian, there's no greater joy than bestowing her patients the invaluable gift of self-confidence. Through her expertise and dedication, she delivers the results they seek and fosters a newfound sense of empowerment and self-assurance that resonates long after their time together.