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Marzet Cronje

Marzet Cronje

Somatology - SAAHSP, CIDESCO

Marzet studied Somatology at Isa Carstens Academy, in Stellenbosch. During her third and final year of study, Renewal Institute selected her to participate as one of the students to receive their bursary and training throughout 2014. This was a great opportunity for her as a Somatologist to gain work experience, knowledge, and love for the medical aesthetic field.

Since the first time she was exposed to Skin Renewal, it instantly became a MUST for her to join the company. She has such a passion for this industry, which would be the key factor to make her a very loving and successful therapist. She is a very hard worker and would go the extra mile for her clients to achieve the results they need.

When not pursuing her dream, you would find her in her ‘happy place’ surrounded by family on a farm.