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Rodney Botes

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Rodney Botes

Rodney, deeply conscious about his physical well-being, primarily grappled with concerns regarding his weight and the vitality of his skin, which he felt lacked the lustre and vibrancy he once knew. Recognising the unique nature of Rodney's concerns, the esteemed Dr Maureen Allem, the visionary Medical Director and Founder of Skin Renewal collaborated with the proficient medical aesthetic doctor Dr Helenka Fourie. Their joint efforts were further complemented by the expertise of Skin Renewal's dedicated Registered Nurse, Wilna Kruger, ensuring a comprehensive approach to address and rejuvenate Rodney's skin and overall health.

Minki | Behind the Scenes | Skin Renewal | Kyknet
Minki | Behind the Scenes | Skin Renewal | Kyknet

Rodney's primary concerns were the following:


Rodney lost a staggering 30kgs in just 12 weeks following Skin Renewal's medically formulated weight loss plan. An integral part of a patient's Skin Renewal journey and even more so a weight loss journey at Skin Renewal is a patient's gut health. Nurse Wilna put Rodney on a five-day detox plan and gave him a selection of Skin Renewal supplementation to kick start his weight loss plan and improve his gut health. 

In addition to following the RID programme, Rodney enjoyed skin treatments with a medically trained therapist.

Laser Genesis and Endymed RF Microneedling were done on Rodney's skin to give it the glow he desired. 

His homecare range involved the following skin products and oral supplementation, which can be found in Skin Renewal's Online Skin Shop: