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Varuschka Peters

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Varuschka Peters

Varuschka Peters, a proactive individual seeking skin rejuvenation and enhancement, approached the team at Skin Renewal with concerns related to her skin's appearance, specifically highlighting issues with pigmentation, sunspots, pronounced dark circles under her eyes, and visible fine lines and wrinkles. 

Minki | Behind the Scenes | Skin Renewal | Kyknet
Minki | Behind the Scenes | Skin Renewal | Kyknet

Recognising the multifaceted nature of her concerns, Dr Maureen Allem, in collaboration with Dr Ross Connor and medically trained therapist Bianca Nortje, crafted a comprehensive treatment plan. Utilizing a combination of advanced cosmetic procedures, the team embarked on a journey to address and alleviate each of Varuschka's skin concerns, with the aim to restore and elevate the radiance and vitality of her skin.


Varuschka's primary concerns involved the following:


Dr Maureen Allem worked with Dr Ross Connor and medically trained therapist Bianca Nortje on a comprehensive treatment plan.

Varuschka's collagen needed to be stimulated in the lower eyelids to alleviate the dark circles under her eyes. Bianca did a series of Carboxytherapy treatments and the revolutionary Endybleph procedure to improve the appearance of her entire eye area.

Dr Ross did a series of injectable treatments to improve the volume loss under her eyes and the skin and soften her fine lines and wrinkles. 

Varuschka's pigmentation was addressed using combination treatments comprising Laser Genesis, Photo Dynamic Therapy (PDT), as well as Azelaic Peels and the hugely effective Limelight treatment. 

Her homecare included the following products and can be found in Skin Renewal's Online Skin Shop: