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Sexual Health

Reviewed on 1 January 1970 by Mr GP Cape Quarter

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I first read about carboxytherapy for male sexual rejuvenation on the Skin Renewal website. Despite being in my 30's, I had always lacked bravado in the bedroom and needed a boost. I booked a skin consultation and Dr Bianca made it very easy for me to turn the conversation towards my 'sexual health'. I was a bit nervous for the procedure. I don't like needles at the best of times let alone near my member! Honestly, the entire experience was quick and professional. The first treatment was uncomfortable but with each visit it was easier. I started to see results after 3 treatments - firstly everything started to feel more sensitive, then my erections became stronger and the size of my member seemed to increase in size even in its humble state. I did 8 treatments. Carboxytherapy definitely gave me new confidence.