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Dr Helenka is Accommodating and Friendly

Reviewed on 27 October 2022 by Antonio De Almeida

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I've been shopping around for a few months now and I tried having what I thought were either calluses or warts removed. I've spent over R2,000.00 up till now having them frozen by different doctors close to home and decided to give up on it for a while. A mate of mine recommended this place a few weeks back and I decided to give it a shot. They were extremely accommodating and friendly! Dr. Helenka saw me as a was a little late and then still got accommodated even though I couldn't see Dr. Graham. Dr. Helenka was extremely accommodating, friendly and professional. The removal was on my fingers, 2 hard calluses/warts had to be removed and she did so effortlessly, with extreme precision and literally zero pain. There was a tiny sting for the initial injection to numb my finger but beyond that it was perfect and she explained the whole process flawlessly! I'm truly grateful for their patience and support to me. I recommend trying them!