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What a Gamechanger!

Reviewed on 14 January 2023 by Rochelle Vetman

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What a GameChanger! The past three months I’ve been on a journey rediscovering myself and Dr Pierce & Team Waterfall has been by my side since day one. I honestly felt and still feel like I am the only client Team Waterfall has purely in the manner they personalise every single experience I encounter with them. I want to sincerely thank Dr Pierce for his compassion and his beautiful heart he has for people, a true servant and that is why I could manage to shed 17kgs. The journey was just as personal to him as it is to me. Chantel, thank you for being so patient with all my questions when I started the program as well as Kelly for always being ready to assist me at any given time. Thank you Team Waterfall for bringing out the youth in me.