Saypha Dermal Fillers by Croma at a Glance

Best Results 1
Duration of Results 6-10 Months
Treatment Recovery 2-3 Days
Risks & Complications Low-Medium
Anaesthetic Topical/Ice
Procedure Time 20-30 mins
Skin Specialist Doctor
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About Croma

Croma Pharma is a family-owned pharmaceutical company committed to improving its customers’ well-being by the development, manufacturing and distribution of innovative products and services in aesthetic dermatology. The company is owned and managed by the brothers Andreas and Martin Prinz. Founded in 1976 near Vienna, Austria, the company has today established subsidiaries in 10 countries worldwide. As a global player, Croma markets its products in over 100 countries. 

Saypha® is a complete range of hyaluronic acid fillers that are injected by a qualified medical professional into specific dermal layers of the skin in order to;

  • gently correct wrinkles and folds
  • restore volume loss
  • increase lip volume and enhance definition
  • sculpt and shape the natural contour of the face
  • improve tone and elasticity of the skin
  • hydrate, plump, and rejuvenate the overall appearance
  • Defined jaw and Chin line for male patients
  • weakening the muscles which wrinkle up the nose resulting in bunny lines

Treatments with Saypha® are non-surgical, granting minimal recovery time and helps to ensure immediate, natural-looking results.

Reasons to choose saypha®

By re-establishing your natural HA level, Croma HA fillers help to reverse the signs of ageing making you look younger, fresher, and more radiant. 

  • Optimal skin tolerance - Usage of hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin.
  • Painless treatment - The addition of lidocaine and the usage of thin wall needles makes the injection even more comfortable for you.
  • Immediately visible - Instant results with a natural effect 
  • Natural effect and exceptional product performance - Results last for several months 


Dermal fillers placed into the following MD Code areas will help lift jowls and strengthen the SMAS (superficial muscular aponeurotic system), which is the layer of the muscles of facial expression in their own connective tissue envelope.

The SMAS lies beneath the skin and subcutaneous tissue, and it is one of the most critical support structures for the face and neck. The strengthening of the SMAS and foundation of the face with dermal fillers placed strategically into areas called the MD Codes. These will lift the sagging excess tissue due to lack of collagen, bone loss, deep fat pad loss (destabilising the ligaments attaching to the facial skin), and muscle weakness. Volumising the deep fat pads with dermal fillers lifts these ligaments that support the foundation of the face.

The FOUNDATION CODES; CK1, Ck2, CK4, and T1 strengthen the SMAS and pull the jowls up and outwards. CK3 volumises the deep cheek fat pad in the mid-face and the banana fat pad under the eyes and thus improves deep hollows under the eyes. CK 5 volumises hollow cheeks and lifts jowls.

The CONTOUR CODES; C 1 to C6 feminise the jawline area, soften the marionette lines and jowl area, lift a downturned mouth corner and soften a protruding chin. JW1 to JW5 improves the jawline, jowls and double chin,

The REFINEMENT CODES; soften nasolabial folds, improves tear troughs and softens lines around the mouth; smokers lines and lip augmentation can also be artistically done to achieve "natural "looking lips.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dermal Filler treatments are available in Johannesburg at FourwaysParkhurstMorningside, BedfordviewWest Rand, Waterfall and Illovo as well as in Pretoria at Brooklyn and Irene and in the Western Cape at Cape QuarterClaremontConstantiaStellenboschWillowbridgePaarl, and in KwaZulu-Natal at BallitoDurban & Umhlanga.

Depending on your skin and individual needs, your Skin Renewal doctor will choose the most suitable product from the Saypha® range to meet your needs and expectations.

There are 3 products in the Saypha® range namely:

  • Saypha® FILLER Lidocaine is used to correct moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds and to increase lip volume, for reconstructive treatment, for instance, of facial lipoatrophy, debilitating scars, or morphological asymmetry.
  • Saypha® VOLUME Lidocaine is used to correct deeper wrinkles and folds, increase or restore volume to the face, and remodel facial contours, for reconstructive treatment, for instance, of facial lipoatrophy, debilitating scars, or morphological asymmetry.
  • Saypha® VOLUME PLUS is for facial tissue augmentation in order to correct midface volume deficit, for restoring facial volume, and shaping the contours of the face.

Dermal Fillers areas that can be treated

  • Reshaping the chin
  • Lines on the chin
  • Correction of the contour of the lip
  • Fuller lips
  • Reducing nasolabial folds
  • Volumizing the mid-face
  • As part of our “Magic Meso lift” for diffuse fine lines and wrinkles
  • Jawline Reshaping

The injections are done with very fine needles and are usually pain free. Subject to the treated area and your sensitivity, an anaesthetic cream or block can be applied prior to the procedure.

Post-treatment discomfort such as temporary tenderness, redness, swelling or bruising on the injected area may be possible. These symptoms are usually mild to moderate and disappear on their own in less than 7 days. Patients are able to return to their daily activities as normal directly after this procedure.

The results of an aesthetic treatment with Saypha® Fillers are long lasting, but not permanent. Saypha filler is absorbable by the body and its results last between 6-10 months.

Treatments with Saypha® must not be used on the following patients:

  • Patients who tend to develop hypertrophic scarring
  • Patients with a history of auto–immune disease or who are receiving immune therapy
  • Patients who are known to be hypersensitive to hyaluronic acid
  • Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Patients under 18 years
  • Areas presenting cutaneous, inflammatory or infectious processes

Laser and dermal fillers would very possibly be good options, and perhaps even some carboxytherapy (a combination of the 3 would give you great results). Other options that are highly effective, but do come with a fair bit of downtime include treatments such as Jett Plasma, CO2 Fractional Laser, Pearl Fractional Laser or Fraxel Laser. There are certainly many things that could be a consideration, even under eye dermal filler might be an option, but it all depends on the severity of the condition and the outcome that you are hoping to achieve. It is very important to choose the correct "tools" for the job. 

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Review -Thank You
Reviewed on 8 March 2018 by Salomé Van Der Westhuizen

I am very impressed with my doctor. He was patient and very caring about my problem. He took his time to explain and examine me. He restored my faith in Skin Renewal. Thank You.

Review -I followed her
Reviewed on 7 March 2018 by Teresa Van Rensburg

I followed Marisa here from another clinic and I must say, I love Skin Renewal. The treatments have made a big improvement, I have scars as well and they have faded a bit as well since doing treatments here.

Review -I am comfortable
Reviewed on 24 February 2018 by Muneera Roomaney

Very friendly, and always feel very comfortable and at ease. My skin has improved so much. I feel so confident about my skin. I have referred family members to this clinic and will continue to do so further. Thank you so much for everything. You are amazing.

Review -Eye Fillers at Claremont
Reviewed on 22 February 2018 by Anonymous

Absolutely amazing sensitivity and care. I'm very squeamish and I was treated with such respect and care. Also loved the holistic approach to looking at lifestyle and health. Will be back again and again.

Sharon Izak Elaine Chat staff ) WhatsApp