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Dark Skin Conditions and Treatments

At Skin Renewal, we recognise that treating darker skin types (particularly skin types 5 & 6) requires an intricate knowledge of the skin, how it functions, what differentiates darker skin types from lighter ones and, of course, what challenges are faced by patients with darker skin types.
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Treating skin is not simply a “one size fits all” approach and for this reason, we take the correct training and education of all our staff very seriously, so that our patients receive the very best and professional care when looking after their skin.

With combined treatments which are tried, tested and safe for darker skin types, we can really improve skin quality, radiance, glow, texture and tightness.

Combining modalities which include Peels, Laser Genesis, Radiofrequency, ND:Yag Skin Tightening, RF Needling and Titan, the prospects of “the perfect skin” are now possible but this usually comes at a price.

At Skin Renewal, we have recognised this problem and have come up with customised solutions to make it more affordable by combining excellent, effective treatments with affordable solutions over a period of time. As best results are seen after 4 to 6 treatments, every client is provided with a fully customised solution with follow-up maintenance which is tailored according to each patient’s age, skin type, skin condition, relevant skin problem, budget and expectations.

The effects of each treatment are accumulative meaning that the results of each previous treatment are improved with each subsequent treatment and the best results come down the line when new collagen that is stimulated remodels and a further lifting & tightening effect is noticed.

The conditions and concerns most commonly seen on darker skin types (on both the face and body) include the following:

There is a vast array of treatments that can be safely administered on dark skin types with excellent results. These may include:

Solutions for dark skin types:


My skincare journey started with Dr Ross who did the assessment and recommended treatment and products. He is just amazing. He explained in detail what’s going on with my current face routine and skin condition. Today was another pleasant experience when Monique was doing my treatments. She made me feel comfortable and she is knowledgeable. She explained each step and what to expect. She is super amazing!!!! Thank you.


I want to thank Parkhurst Skin Renewal, especially Beverley for making me look my best. On my first visit, I was assessed by the doctor and I was given a treatment plan. Have been coming for my sessions with Beverly. The way I look now, I feel so great, I'm no longer hiding under the mask. I have gained confidence as a teacher. Thank you so much