Jett Plasma eyelid rejuvenation & Lesion Removal

Jett Plasma eyelid rejuvenation & Lesion Removal at a Glance

Best Results 1-2
Duration of Results 6-8 months
Treatment Recovery 2-5 days
Risks & Complications Medium
Anaesthetic Injectable
Procedure Time 60 mins
Skin Specialist Doctor
Back To Work 3-5 days
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Frequently Asked Questions

The plasma pen eyelid rejuvenation treatment is the next-generation technology for skin tightening and collagen production. At Skin Renewal, we use the Jett Plasma Lift medical Pen which may only be administered by trained doctors. This Plasma eyelid rejuvenation treatment is the first patented direct current electrocautery in the world and is made in the Czech Republic. The Jett Plasma Lift Pen medical uses new technology, based on electrical discharge- Plasma. Plasma discharge is generated by safe high voltage-between the tip of the device and the treated area. Due to its very thin discharge, it is possible to treat the area around the eye, resulting in what has become known as a “non-surgical Blepharoplasty”.

Plasma is the fourth state of matter after solids, fluids, and gas. It is able to produce a significant amount of collagen contraction and production in the skin in areas we were previously not able to treat as effectively, non-surgically.

The discharge of plasma can also be used to treat other skin lesions such as skin tags, small moles, seborrheic keratoses, and Syringomas.

These treatments can only be performed by medical doctors.

The Jett Plasma can be used on any part of the skin for the removal of warts, skin tags, small moles, seborrheic keratoses, and Syringomas, or it can be used for the correction of scars. However, the main feature of this new treatment is that it can be used for non-surgical Blepharoplasty or plasma eyelid rejuvenation around the eyes particularly for saggy upper eyelids, crows feet, or ageing lower eyelids.

The Jett Plasma Medical is suitable for;

  • Blepharoplasty
  • Deep and shallow wrinkle removal
  • Removal of warts, skin tags, small moles, seborrheic keratoses, syringoma, fibroma, and haemangioma
  • Changes to the face take place in men too, although men generally don't pay much attention to the signs of ageing. The solution to keeping looking youthful and cool is to go see an Aesthetic Doctor have a male facial treatment assessment and a treatment plan that can take off a couple of months (6 – 24 months) and make you feel good and confident without looking unnatural or in any way feminized.

Jett Plasma Lift Medical has 8 intensities and therefore it can be used for multiple purposes. After some local anaesthetic in the treated area, the device is applied to the area. The client experiences some heat, but it is completely tolerable. This "heat" is what creates the response desired in the skin leading to collagen induction/production.

Results can be seen after one treatment. Up to four treatments may be necessary for severe cases. Results are seen to improve from day 1 right up to day 90, post-treatment. For long lasting effects, maintenance treatments are recommended every 18 to 24 months after achieving your initial result.

Skin tightening and texture improvements are the biggest benefits. One to four sessions are needed. Most clients will respond effectively after one session. You can expect to look younger and fresher and over time, your skin will respond by naturally building more collagen and increasing elastin.

  • Epilepsy
  • Pregnancy
  • The presence of metal joint replacements in the body
  • Pacemaker
  • Ongoing inflammation
  • Skin lesions
  • Cancer
  • Varicose veins

Swelling does occur for 2-5 days post-treatment. This swelling can be significant enough to warrant social downtime. There is minimal discomfort afterward, but it truly isn't significant. Skin contraction takes 2-6 weeks post-treatment.

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