Non-Surgical Eye Rejuvenation

One of the first areas on the face where the signs of ageing become noticeable is the eye area. To understand this, we need to have a brief overview of everything that causes ageing around the eye area.

The skin around the eye area, under normal circumstances, is already thinner and more fragile than the skin on the rest of the face. As we age this fragility becomes painfully obvious as the skin in the eye area becomes even thinner, heals more slowly, loses its strength due to decreasing levels of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, the fine muscles around the eye weaken and become more lax and blood circulation and lymph drainage in the area below the eye becomes poor.

Add all these factors together and it is easy to see how and why the eyes give away our age so easily. In the past one would have had to consider surgical eye lifts or even facelifts to re-drape and re-position the skin to remove some of these unwanted signs around the eyes. Thankfully, the advancements in aesthetics allows us the ability to offer treatments for these concerns that can be started early in order to prevent the problem from ever getting so severe, or to try and reverse some of the signs which may already be present.

Eye rejuvenation wrinkles

Here are some of the incredible treatments available at the Renewal Institute to treat the signs of ageing around the eyes:

Sagging brows:

  • Botulinum on the forehead - the brows sag because the foreheads depressor muscles start to overpower the elevator muscles and Botox can correct this, giving you a brow lift.
  • Sagging brows can also be attributed to weakening, sagging skin on the forehead so fractionated treatments such as: Fraxel DUAL Laser; CO2 Fractional Laser; Pearl Fusion & Dermapen Skin Needling can all be used to strengthen and tighten the skin above the brows, resulting in lifting and firming.
  • Another option for lifting the brow area is the insertion of anchor thread in the forehead just above the eye brow, which strengthens the skin in the forehead by encouraging collagen production, but also allows the Doctor the ability to pull the tissue upwards to defy the effects of gravity.

 Hooded/Sagging Upper Eye lid:

  • A non-surgical blepharoplasty with the medical Jett Plasma device can tighten and strengthen the upper eyelid, without any need to have surgery.

Crows feet:

  • Botulinum can be used to soften and relax the lines next to the eye, known as crows feet. These lines often show up when we smile and are quick to show an aged eye.
  • Strengthening and firming this area with Fraxel DUAL Laser; CO2 Fractional Laser; Pearl Fusion & Dermapen Skin Needling can tighten the skin, soften the wrinkles and make them far less visible, resulting in lifting and firming. 

Dark under eye circles:

  • Dermal fillers, made from Hyaluronic Acid can put back the plumpness and hydration that is lost with age, which results in dark undereye circles. Replacing some lost volume and hydration with fillers makes the dark circles far less noticeable.
  • The second factor in the cause of dark undereye circles is the impaired circulation that comes as a result of ageing, so speeding the circulation and drainage under the eye bag with carboxytherapy gives excellent results.

Under eye sagging / under eye bags:

  • A non-surgical undereye lift with the medical Jett Plasma device can tighten and strengthen the lower eyelid and the undereye bag, resulting in a natural lifting and firming effect.
  • Correctly placed under eye dermal fillers, injected by a skilled, experienced injector can give incredible results under the eyes and replace the lost volume that causes the initial sagging and drooping leading to undereye bags.
  • For those who would like an alternative option to injectables, the fractionated treatments (Fraxel DUAL Laser; CO2 Fractional Laser; Pearl Fusion & Dermapen Skin Needling) also offer fantastic results for this area.

The perfect eye lift:

The best way to achieve the perfect eye lift, be it an “almond eye lift” or a more angled “cat eye lift” would predominantly require the skills of an experienced injector doing a combination of strategically placed botulinum, dermal fillers and PDO threads in order to shape the eye. Combination therapy which includes strengthening and conditioning the skin itself, encouraging collagen and elastin production, coupled with the Doctor’s injectable treatments always yields the best, long-lasting results.