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Hannes Koegelenberg

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Hannes Koegelenberg

Creative Hannes is a designer, illustrator and stylist.

Hannes' Concerns:

Hannes' main concern was his acne scaring. Dr Helenka Fourie and therapist Jody Engelbrecht worked on a plan to address his overall skin texture and resurfacing of it with peels.

Hannes' Bespoke Skin Renewal Treatment Plan:

To create a significant transformation Dr Helenka performed subsicion on Hannes and his deep seated scars and then used volumiser to fill the depressed scars.

Therapist Jody Englebrecht made use of one of the latest machines in the Skin Renewal stable – Endymed. Through the use of Endymed's unique technology in which thousands of needles penetrated Hannes skin, his collagen was stimulated and overall skin texture dramatically improved.

Hannes home care regime included serums as well as products with retinol. He also used Skin Renewals own acne aid supplementation to assist with his acne from within.

Products used: