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Minki TV Show
Minki TV Show

Katherine Pitchulik

Minki invites interesting and inspiring people from all walks of life to her couch for interviews.

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Katherine Pitchulik

Katherine Pitchulik is one of South Africa’s leading Jewellery designers

Minki | Behind the Scenes | Skin Renewal | Kyknet
Minki | Behind the Scenes | Skin Renewal | Kyknet
Katherine's Concerns:

Katherines primary concern was her bad melasma in addition to sun damaged skin and fine lines. 

Katherine's bespoke Skin Renewal treatment plan:

Katherine described her skin care regime as naturopathic and very natural. Katherine likes a simple, uncomplicated approach to skin and her medical aesthetic doctor, Dr Lilli worked her plan around this and the fact that Katherine had no real skin care plan in place.

Medically trained therapists Kayla Austin and Riekardt can der Wath reiterated the fact that its never too late to wear sunscreen to Katherine. The team worked on Katherines overall skin texture and, through injectables and treatments her skin was ‘plumped up’. 

Katherine enjoyed the Purple Ultimate pigmentation and sun damaged solution which comprises a Azelaic peel, TCA peel and laser genesis. 

Katherine loves that her skin is always face ready -it finally has the glow she has been searching for.