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Minki TV Show
Minki TV Show

Heinrich Gabler and Anneke Hamman

Minki invites interesting and inspiring people from all walks of life to her couch for interviews.

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Heinrich Gabler and Anneke Hamman

Treatment Plans for Heinrich and Anneke

Heinrich had general ageing concerns, Dr Ross did injectables in Heinrich restoring lost volume in the face and alleviating fine lines and wrinkles. Therapist Anke Theron worked on enhancing the skins natural barrier and achieving the glow Heinrich wanted through laser Genesis and a series of peels.

Anneke’s concerns were her congested, reactive and sensitive skin. Anneke was suffering from breakouts which she wanted to get under control. Dr Ross and therapist Anke Theron worked on a skin care regime to give Anneke the glowing skin she desired as well as a healthier, stronger and firmer skin and to repair the skin barrier. Anneke’s regime included skin needling as well as Laser genesis and ND Yag.

Treatment Plans for Lesley and Rupert:

Heinrich's bespoke Skin Renewal treatment plan was:

Anneke's bespoke Skin Renewal treatment plan was: