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Lesley and Rupert Sykes

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Lesley and Rupert Sykes

Lesley and Rupert are dynamic business owners frequently in the public eye. Their journey was one led by Dr Trent who had the challenge of getting impressive results with little downtime. Rupert and Lesleys treatments took place at Skin Renewal Cape Quarter and they also tackled a JEFF Fit program tailored just for them and their exceptionally busy lifestyles.

Lesley and Rupert's Main Concerns:

Lesley’s main concern was her ageing forehead and sagging chin area. Dr Trent created an extensive treatment journey with therapists Riekardt van der Wath and Juliana La Cock. Dr Trent did injectables including filler while Lesley’s therapists did treatments such as carboxy, Laser Genesis, HydraTouch and peels to alleviate the skins dull texture and restore its youthful glow.

Rupert’s main concern was his thinning hair as well as his pigmentation. Dr Trent worked closely with therapists Kayla Austin and Riekardt van der Wath on the best treatments to address the signs of ageing. Therapists worked on reducing the effects of sun damage and addressing the redness and pigmentation on Rupert’s skin through a combination of peels and laser Genesis. Carboxy was used to rejuvenate the hair follicles on Rupert’s head and accelerate hair growth. Rupert also enjoyed injectables performed by Dr Trent.

Treatment Plans for Lesley and Rupert:

Lesley’s Skin Renewal journey included:

Rupert’s treatments included: