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Whilma Liedeman

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Whilma Liedeman

Whilma, radiant with a delightful sense of humour, charmingly referred to the bags under her eyes as 'designer' masterpieces. Her journey captivated the esteemed medical aesthetic doctor Helenka Fourie and the adept medically trained therapist Bianca Nortje. Both professionals revelled in the privilege of guiding and shaping Whilma's transformative skincare journey.

Minki | Behind the Scenes | Skin Renewal | Kyknet
Minki | Behind the Scenes | Skin Renewal | Kyknet

A meticulously tailored plan addressed Whilma's primary concerns to rejuvenate and amplify her natural beauty.


Dr Helenka performed a series of injectables to address her visible wrinkles and Dermal Fillers to give her lips the desired volume.

Dr Helenka also did Threads in Whilma's face to tackle her concern about sagging skin. Medically trained therapist Bianca performed the revolutionary Endymed FSR treatments on Whilma in addition to ND Yag skin tightening, which comprises part of Whilma's premium tightening and anti-ageing solution. 

Whilma benefitted from a series of chemical peels that assisted with resurfacing her skin. Her home care range included Lamelle Correctives HA Plus Serum. The Hyaluronic Acid in this product gave her skin the hydration and glow she was after. The Skin Renewal Eye cream assisted with keeping the skin under her eyes firm and plump.

She also used a combination of the following products available in Skin Renewal Online Skin Shop: