Annaline's skincare journey was created by Dr. Rulene Maré with both Dr. Rulene and therapist Lisa Smith attending to Annaline's skincare needs.

Annaline has soft and smooth skin but her concern is pigmentation, eczema, and fine wrinkles. A woman who is active and loves the outdoors she describes how her chickenpox scarring is what makes her feel self-conscious, the feature which she celebrates the most are her beautiful cheekbones.

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If Annaline could change one thing about her face is would be her eyes, she feels they look so small. Prior to being a patient at Skin Renewal and part of the MINKI reveal Annaline did not follow a skin care plan and only had some ad hoc injectables for her frown.

Annaline's Main Concerns;

Anneline's main concerns were her Chicken Pox scars and frown lines on her Forehead and PIH (Post-Inflammatory-Pigmentation) on her chin. Additionally, she also suffers from eczema and has sensitive skin.

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Treatment plan for Anneline

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Skin Care and Supplementation Annaline used during her transformation;

Annaline's at-home Skincare regime consisted of the following products;

Anneline also needed supplementation, to assist with gut restoration and to reduce inflammation.

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