Hanli's make-over was led by Dr. Rulene Maré with treatments done by Lisa Smith and Megan Pretorious. Her biggest skin concerns were her acne and PIH (Post-Inflammatory Pigmentation). She has never had the opportunity to experience an aesthetic business such as Skin Renewal and MINKI provided the ideal platform.

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Hanli is an incredibly active 45-year-old woman who is part of a group of women who enjoy ‘wogging’ (walking and jogging) in the beautiful Western Cape mountain ranges. Minki selected Hanli for the show as they have been close for over 10 years and are 'skoon susters'.

Hanli's main concerns

Hanli's main skin concerns were mild PIH (Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation) and Acne.

Hanli followed a very simple skincare routine using minimal products. Suffering from acne a consideration in her treatment plan was the fact that she is on Oratane.

Hanli was not eager to have many injectables, a few were administered to assist with volume loss and fine lines that come with both age and exposure to the sun.

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Treatment plan for Hanli

Hanli's treatment plan consisted of the following;

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