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"The results were extremely visible, I love my new open eyes! "
San-Marie's Treatments

San-Marie's Mooimaak journey was led by Dr Rulene Maré, with additional treatments performed by therapist Elke Kritzinger. San-Marie had an intensive treatment plan, over a course of 10 weeks, to improve her profile through strategically placed dermal fillers in the nose, cheeks and chin and targetted eye treatments to open her heavy hooded eyes.

Non-surgical Profiloplasty, with dermal fillers

Jett Plasma Eye Rejuvenation

PDO Barbed Thread brow lift

3D Nose Rejuvenation

Botulinum Toxin

Ceccarelli fat lipolysis

Limelight Laser

Laser Genesis™ Rejuvenation


Transdermal Mesotherapy

Photo Dynamic Therapy (PDT)

San-Marie Aucamp
About San-Marie

At age 26, San-Marie was the youngest contestant in Mooimaak season 2. Living with her mother, stepfather and 2year old daughter in Onrus, San-Marie had to spend a lof of time and dedication getting to her weekly appointments in Stellenbosch and Cape Town. Most of the time her little girl and family members had to tag along, but also offered a constant support system to help her through the transformation process. San-Marie's transformation was much deeper than just the physical changes, she truly came into her own right and blossomed into a woman and mother with a purpose, new energy, laughter and confidence! The Mooimaak process helped San-Marie regain her self-identity after years of being bullied at school.

San-Marie Aucamp
Jett Plasma Eye Rejuvenation

Jett Plasma promotes skin tightening and collagen production around the sensitive eye area. This medical device is the first patented direct current electrocauter in the world, and the treatment is based on an electrical discharge. San-Marie had a single Jett Plasma treatment, worked well with the PDO barbed threads to lift, open and rejuvenate her eye area!

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"The actual treatment was not as painful, the post treatment recovery was the worst! The results however was extremely visible - less excess skin and fat around my eyelids!"
San-Marie Aucamp
3D Nose Rejuvenation

3D Rhinoplasty is the latest non-surgical alternative to surgical rhinoplasty and involves injecting hyaloronic acid together with a specially designed PDO thread, along the nasal bridge. This technique allows Dr Rulene to straighten, shape and enhance San-Marie’s nose and improve her profile.

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"The fillers I got in my nose and chin made an enormous difference in my face! The change to my face is amazing - I love my new chin and straight nose so much!"
San-Marie Aucamp
Laser Genesis™ Rejuvenation

Laser Genesis™ promotes vibrant and healthy-looking skin in all skin types by stimulating new collagen production. The healing light treatment assisting in lessening the redness in San-Marie's skin and ensure a smooth, glowing and vibrant complexion.

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"I was terrified before all the treatments, but Elke made me feel super relaxed every single time. She always checked up on me during treatments and gave me great information!"
San-Marie Aucamp
Acne scar reduction by subcision

Subcision is a simple and safe office surgery procedure for really deep acne scars that leave depressions in the skin. Skin in the affected area is separated from the scar tissue and this allows the skin to grow more level and improve the appearance of scarring.

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"Doctor Rulene was extremely patient with me during the whole process of Mooimaak. This was my first time getting facial injections and I was beyond terrified. I always made sure that I tell her how everything felt whilst she was busy with me, she was very understanding and asked me if I'm okay every step of the way. She frequently contacted me to ask how I feel after treatments and if I have any concerns. She is a fantastic doctor and very concerned about her patients. I was in the best hands!

Elke was by far the best therapist that I could have ever wished for, on my first visit to Stellenboch Skin Renewal she explained my days' treatment in complete detail. I was terrified and she made me feel super relaxed, with every single time. She always checked up on me during treatments and gave me great info regarding the products I got from Lamelle. She was always very friendly and professional. Not just did I have a great therapist but I also made a new friend!

Leandri was so nice to deal with. She explained the sleep testing treatment so clearly that I knew exactly what to do when I got home that night. After not having a successful recording she had no issues to set me up 2 weeks later again so I could do another sleep study. The night of my sleep study she was in Hermanus and offered to come and help if I had any troubles, that to me is true dedication to your work!"
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