Trends In Eye Rejuvenation

While eye rejuvenation encompasses various treatments to correct concerns such as crow's feet, undereye bags, dark under-eye circles, and thinning skin around the eyes, the more recent trend is to use those same correction techniques and treatments to reshape the eye area.

Some of the most commonly requested eye reshaping treatments include:

  • The Almond or Oval Eye (Also known as the upturned eye)
  • The Fox Eye (with PDO threading)
  • The Cat Eye

Now, with the advent of skin soft tissue fillers such as Juvederm, Restylane and Saypha these eye shapes can be achieved and results are instant with a natural effect.

Frequently Asked Questions

People with classic almond or oval shape eyes (also known as doe eyes) have got a natural upward lift at the outer corners of the eyes. Because of this lift, the lower eyelid appears somewhat longer than the upper eyelid and this also allows the eye to appear more open.

Different eye shape trends almond eye look botox and fillers

A tiny amount of Botulinum is injected into the center of the lower lash line at the point of the orbicularis oculi muscle to create a widening of the eye. This is what gives the eye a more oval or almond shape.

The botulinum will also rebalance the tail of the brow in an upward direction by weakening the upper, outer orbicularis muscle (this is the muscle around the eye), and allowing the frontalis muscle (this is the muscle at the forehead) to lift up the outer brow giving you the subtle upturned look.

In addition to the botulinum injections, if there is lost volume beneath the eye, dermal fillers such as Juvederm, Restylane and Saypha can be injected along the edge of the boney orbit to fill in the lost volume and add strength and support to the skin below the eye also resulting in a refreshed, less tired look around the eye area.

It may require 2 – 3 sessions to achieve the desired result as it is better to make small incremental changes when treating the delicate eye area.

Once the desired effect is achieved, maintenance can be done once a year.

The procedure is most commonly performed on women but can also be done on men. It can be performed on all skin types.

Fox eye lifts are designed to lift up the outer corners of your eyes and pull them slightly outwards and upwards. Changing the shape of your eyes to make them look “foxier” gives you a more youthful appearance.

This treatment is an innovative technique that uses PDO threads to lift and elongate the eye to create a more almond shape whilst simultaneously lifting the brow tail to create a feminine effect with a more open upper eyelid, resulting in the fox eye look.

  • PDO threading: This procedure is non-surgical and offers a short recovery period with practically no downtime. The doctor will numb the treatment areas with a local anesthetic and insert PDO and/or anchor threads underneath the skin. These threads then lift and strengthen the outer eye area. This procedure will also assist in minimizing smile lines.
  • Non-Surgical Blepharoplasty: If the patient has excess skin on the upper eyelid (also known as a “hooded eye”), it may be necessary to tighten up the loose skin by means of Jett Plasma treatments in order to shrink and tighten up the hooded area.
  • Temporal lift: A temporal lift with dermal fillers or threads, raises your eyebrows to tighten the skin around your eyes. While most eyebrows have a natural arch, a temporal lift raises the outside corner to naturally lift your eyes.

Depending on how much work needs to be done to achieve the initial result and how many treatment modalities need to be incorporated, one can expect to have approximately 3-5 treatments to achieve the fox eye look.

After getting the procedure, a patient can expect some mild bruising, swelling, and/or aches for one to two weeks.

Anyone who wants a more lifted brow (including men) is a good candidate for the treatment.

The cat-eye look can be achieved in two ways, namely; surgery or by means of a non-surgical eye lift with threads.

Commonly known as cat-eye surgery or cat-eye lift surgery, canthoplasty is a delicate cosmetic procedure that aims to lengthen or elongate the eye-opening. Going the surgical route can give one quite a dramatic cat-eye look.

The non-surgical option using PDO and anchor threads is a bit more subtle but can still achieve fantastic results.

Different eye shape trends cat eye look botox and fillers

A canthoplasty alters the lateral canthus (the outside corner where the eyelids meet) by tightening and elongating the eye horizontally.

A cat-eye thread lift, however, requires the insertion of a number of threads along the side of the eye, starting at the outer edge of the eyebrow, angled slightly diagonally upwards. The skin is then pulled over the thread, causing eyelids to pull outward, elongating the eye without the need to cut or stitch.

After getting the procedure, a patient can expect some mild bruising, swelling, and/or aches for one to two weeks.

Generally, with both surgery and thread lifting, only 1 procedure is required, however, the thread lifting may require yearly maintenance.

Everyone can have it done, but it’s most commonly performed on ladies in their 20’s & 30’s.

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