A dynamic woman who describes herself as an active and hands-on grandmother, Annelize Joubert has suffered sun damage as a result of lovely summer days spent in the pool with her grandchildren. Her main concerns are her jowls, fine lines around her mouth, marionette lines as well as sunspots on her face, arms, and especially her hands and forearms.

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Annalize's Main Concerns;

Doctor Rulene Maré worked closely with therapists Lisa Smith and Megan Pretorius on a bespoke skincare journey for Annelize. Annelize enjoyed treatments for skin resurfacing including laser genesis and Fraxel with TA serum which leaves one's skin feeling both hydrated and rejuvenated.

She also experienced the benefits of PDT as well as many deep peels. Injectables were done to soften her wrinkles and threads done to give her face structure and volume.

Treatment plan for Annalize;

Her main concerns are her jowls, fine lines around the mouth, and marionette lines, as well as sunspots on her face and arms, especially hands and forearms. Annalize had the following treatments performed during her Minki journey;

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At-home products Annalize used during her transformation

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