36-year-old Louise Vermeulen is a dynamic and busy mom of twin girls. Louise described her skin as dehydrated with pigmentation. A woman who celebrates ageing naturally described how recently the bags and darkness under her eyes have started to bother her as well as her wrinkles and prominent laugh lines.

Louise was also eager to shift the weight which has not been lost since having her twins eight years ago, particularly her double chin and stomach area. When embarking on her Skin Renewal journey, Louise did not have a skincare routine or product regime.

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Louises' Main Concerns;

Louise's doctor was Dr. Tarryn Christie. Dr. Tarryn worked with therapist Kayla Austin as well as registered nurse Liana Hannekom to create Louises Skin Renewal journey which included the Renewal Institute Diet (RID). Louise's injectable plan included targeting her tear-throughs, forehead lines, and wrinkles as well as her crow's feet. It also included Ceccarelli injections into her double chin area to dissolve the fat and tighten this area.

Nurse Liana guided Louise on her weight loss plan which included frequent weigh-ins as well as an extensive supplementation plan. Therapist Kayla Austin worked aggressively on Louise's pigmentation (melasma) with numerous peels as well as Laser Genesis, Dermapen, and Radiofrequency to resurface the skin and bring back its natural glow.

Treatment plan for Louise;

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Products Louise used while on her skin transformation;

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