34-Year-old Ammie Louw has a high skincare education, a woman who has a great skincare routine and makes use of injectables. Ammies main concern is the pigmentation circle on her forehead which she feels is darkening with time.

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Treatment plan for Ammie;

Ammies' Doctor was Dr Rulene Maré who scripted the dermamelan by mesoestetic treatment for Ammie. This includes a 7 month stringent homecare routine to ensure that the very best results are met. Dermamelan is a leading depigmentation treatment due to its high efficacy and maintenance methods.


The magic of the treatment is in the prescribed homecare products which need to be used to maintain results. Therapist Megan Pretorious also used PDT and laser genesis to further treat Ammies' skin.


Dr Rulene did do injectable treatments on Ammie to restore lost volume and reduce the fine lines and wrinkles which come with excessive sun damaged skin.

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Products Ammie used during her skin transformation;

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