Feroda Davids main concern was her weight as well as her pigmentation. Dr Chrisna Andersen worked closely with Feroda on both her skincare journey as well as administering the RID (Renewal Institute Diet)

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Feroda lost a staggering 19.6kg in just 12 weeks. Elke Kritzinger was Ferodas therapist and performed the Advanced HydraTouch Facial to give Ferodas skin both hydration and a glow as well as the Melasma and Deep pigmentation solution and carboxy treatments.

Feroda's main concerns
  • Weight
  • Melasma

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Treatment Plan for Feroda Davids

Feroda's treatment plan consisted of the following;

  • RID (Renewal Institute Diet)
  • Advanced HydraTouch Facial
  • Melasma&Deep pigmentation solution
  • Carboxy
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