Petulas main concerns were the wrinkles on her frown, forehead and crows feet. She also expressed a dislike of her profile and jowls and had bad pigmentation as a result of chronic sun damage. Petula's doctor, Dr Graham Duncombe, scripted treatments performed by Zaan Pinenaar including: Carboxytherapy tightening on her face as well as Nd:Yag on her face and neck.

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Petula also enjoyed Radiant and Azeliac peels as well as a Hydratouch facial. Doctor Graham administered the MD Codes method of injectables to provide a cheek lift and jawline sculpting as well as reducing her pronounced nasolabials.

Petula's main concerns
  • Wrinkles - frown, Forehead and Crow’s Feet
  • Profile
  • Pigmentation marks (related to chronic Sun damage)
  • Jowls

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Treatment Plan for Petula

Petula's treatment plan consisted of the following;

  • Azelaic Peel - Face
  • Nd:Yag - Face and Neck
  • Carboxytherapy tightening – Neck, face and Jowls
  • Juvederm 4 - Cheek lift
  • Juvederm 3 and cannula (2mL) - Cheek lift
  • Juvederm 3 and cannula (2mL) - Nasolabial Folds
  • Juvederm 4 and cannula(2mL) - Jawline sculpting and nasal profiloplasty
  • Juvederm Smile 0,6mL - Lips
  • MD Codes T1+Ck1+Ck2+Ck4+Jw1+Jw3+Jw4+Jw5+C1+Lp1+Lp2+Lp3+Nl1+Nl2+Nl3+M1+M2+M3
  • Radiant Peel and MPM3 mask                         
  • Botox - Frown, forehead, Crows Feet
  • HydraTouch facial
Minki Season 6 | Episode 4
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