Zara's main concerns were her dry skin as well as her Rosacea and Melasma caused by her love of the outdoors. Zara's Doctor, Dr Dalize Willemse also wanted to assist Zara with her acne scars, large pores on her nose as well as the male pattern hair on her upper lip.

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Injectable treatments administered by Dr Dalize included Botox to Zaras forehead, crow’s feet and gummy smile, Dr Dalize also administered fillers using the MD Codes method.

Zara's therapist Elke Kritzinger performed the following treatments: Advances acne solution (which included carboxy, Nd:Yag, as well as PDT); the Deluxe Rosacea solution which treated her redness and sensitivity as well as the Choice Acne solution as well as the Superior Acne solution.

Zara's main concerns
  • Adult acne with acne-scarring
  • Rosacea
  • General ageing with very dry skin
  • Melasma

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Treatment Plan for Zara

Zara's treatment plan consisted of the following;

  • Beta & Azelaic peel
  • Carboxy
  • Laser Genesis
  • Add on PDT (red & blue light)
  • Fillers:

* CK1 + T1 : 2 x Juvederm Ultra 4

* C1 + C2 : 2 x Juvederm Ultra 4 + 1 x Cannula 

* LP codes : 1 x Juvederm

  • Botox:

* Glabella 25U 

* Forehead 11U 

* Gummy

Minki Season 6 | Episode 8
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