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Zandri Kriel

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Zandri Kriel

Zandri is 39 years old and loves the outdoors as such she suffers from bad sun damage. Her treatment plan was created by Dr Dalize Willemse and therapist Candice Louis performed all her treatments. Her main concerns were her crow’s feet, rosacea and her sun damaged décolleté.

Minki | Behind the Scenes | Skin Renewal | Kyknet
Minki | Behind the Scenes | Skin Renewal | Kyknet

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Injectable treatments done by Dr Dalize included Botox for her crow’s feet and frown lines as well as fillers using the MD Codes method. Candice performed the Deluxe Rosacea and Essential Rosascea treatments which included an Azelaic peel as well as PDT lights. Zandri also underwent CO2 laser for her face for extensive sun damage.

Zandri's main concerns

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Treatment Plan for Zandri Kriel

Zandri's treatment plan consisted of the following;

  1. Glabella - 20U
  2. Forehead - 10U
  3. Crows feet - 20U
  4. Brow lift - 4U
  1. CK1; T1 : 2 x Juvederm Ultra 4
  2. CK2; CK3 : 1 x Juvederm Ultra 4
  3. CK3 Soof : 1 x Juvederm 4 + 1 x Cannule
  4. C1; C2 : 2 x Juvederm 4 + 1 x Cannule
  5. LP codes : 1 x Juvederm Ultra Smile