Jason Whiteheads main concern were the prominent fine lines and wrinkles in his forehead as well as his crows feet. Jason had inflammation (especially on his cheeks) as well as pigmentation related to chronic sun damage. Jason also wanted to add volume to his sagging jowls.

Jason embarked on an intensive six-week skin care journey created by Dr Graham Duncombe and executed with the assistance of therapist Mariesa Mouton.

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Doctors injectables included Ciccarelli injections to alleviate Jason’s double chin as well as having Botulinum toxin to alleviate his frown, forehead and crow’s feet. Dr Graham made use of filler to create Jason’s cheek lift and soften his nasolabial. Dr Graham also made extensive use of the MD Codes injectable technique.

Therapy treatments which Jason enjoyed included Ferulic and Azelaic peels to aid with the resurfacing of his skin. Nd:Yag Skin Tightening and Lavatron radiofrequency to assist with the tightening of his jowls.

Jason's main concerns
  • Wrinkles - frown, Forehead and Crow’s Feet 
  • Inflammation, especially on the cheeks
  • Pigmentation (All related to chronic Sun damage)
  • Jowls

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Treatment Plan for Jason

Jason's treatment plan consisted of the following:

  • Azelaic Peel - Face
  • NdYag - Face and Neck
  • Ceccarelli injections - Double Chin 15ml)
  • Lavatron radiofrequency - Jowls
  • NdYag Skin Tightening 10mm - Jowls
  • Limelight - Face
  • Lavatron radiofrequency - Jowls
  • NdYag Skin Tightening - Jowls
  • Ceccarelli 15mL - Jowls
  • NdYag LVR - Cheeks ( Can we squeeze in LVR so soon after Limelight?)
  • Ferulic Peel - Face
  • Botox - Frown, Forehead and Crows Feet
  • Tear Trough Filler - Restylane Vital 1mL and cannula
  • Cheek Lift - Juvederm 4 - 4mL and cannula
  • Nasolabials - Juvederm 3 - 2mL and cannula
  • MD Codes - T1+Ck1+Tt1+Tt2+Tt3+Ck3+Ck4+Nl1+Nl2+Nl3+C1
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