Charmaine Venter (van Wyk) Charmaine Venter (van Wyk)
Charmaine Venter (van Wyk) Before
Charmaine Venter (van Wyk) After
"People stop me in the street and say: “Wow – what happened? You look 10years younger!” I don’t look fake, I look refreshed and I love it!"
Charmaine's Treatments

Charmaine’s Mooimaak journey was led by Dr Graham Duncombe, with additional treatments performed by therapist Liza Schoeman over a period of three months. The focus of her treatment plan was to improve deep seated wrinkles, sagging and assist with weight loss. Charmaine followed the 5D Body Renewal Diet, and with targeted facial treatments achieved her desired results!



Lipo-dissolve with Ceccarelli solution

PDO Anchor Threads

3D Liquid Facelift

Limelight Laser

Jett Plasma Eye Rejuvenation

Botulinum Toxin



Photo Dynamic Therapy and Transdermal Mesotherapy

Body Renewal Medical Weight Loss

Charmaine Venter (van Wyk)
About Charmaine

Charmaine used to be a detective for the SAPS, and in 1992 started working as head of security on diamond ships for Transhex. She was away for a month at a time, and during one such trip on sea her husband had an aneurism, and passed away four days later. Charmaine’s father could not process her husband’s death and also passed away a month later. Charmain vowed to never marry again.

This left Charmaine as a single parent of two daughters and a son, and life was tough for them.

She says “God has a sense of humor”, as she fell in love with a family friend and married Gert van Wyk after 5years of being engaged. Charmaine hoped to lose excess weight, gain knowledge on skin and teeth treatments and regain her youthful appearance and confidence.

Charmaine Venter (van Wyk)
Exilis Radiofrequency

Radiofrequency produces a deep heating effect in the dermis which results in increased and accelerated cell metabolism, oxygenation and nourishment of tissues and improved blood circulation. The results are a lifting and firming effect on the treated tissue by strengthening the skin with improved collagen and fibroblast cell activity.

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"The skin heats quite bit with this treatment, but it is not uncomfortable and my skin glowed afterwards! There was no swelling, redness or adverse reactions, only healthy skin!"
Charmaine Venter (van Wyk)
PDO Anchor Threads

PDO Anchor threads are dissolvable sutures made from polydioxanone, that are strategically placed deep into the skin where it acts as a framework for lifting and smoothing of sagging loose skin. Dr Graham treated Charmaine’s cheek area for a beautiful lift restoring her youthful look with pronounced cheekbones and no more sagging jowels!

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"The skin heats quite bit with this treatment, but it is not uncomfortable and my skin glowed afterwards! There was no swelling, redness or adverse reactions, only healthy skin!"
Charmaine Venter (van Wyk)
Ceccarelli Mesotherapy

By injecting the Ceccarelli solution, made from Vitamin C & Iron, into localised fatty deposits one can contour and re-sculpt the face. For Charmaine the jowel area was treated to re-define her jaw line and remove the heavy sagging deposits. The solution acts on the fat cells and causes a natural process of fat cell death (cell apotosis), and visible results are seen the next day.

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"This treatment stung a bit, but the improvement was fantastic! As I lost the excess weight this helped add the final touches for a sleeker jawline."
Charmaine Venter (van Wyk)

Histofreeze is a type of cryotherapy, which is a technique used to freeze ad destroy abnormal skin cell that require removal. Dr Graham treated stubborn sunspots for Charmaine lifting the pigment and evening out dark sun spots.

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"Where to begin! Skin Renewal took such good care of me during the Mooimaak journey, and I will certainly continue with treatments to maintain the results achieved! I will forever be thankful and loved being part of this process and getting to know all the staff! Everyone was professional, caring and made me feel at ease… never did I feel scared, rushed or like an inconvenience. The results speak for themselves and the compliments keep streaming in. People I’ve not seen in years can’t believe their eyes when they see me and I feel good! I so appreciate everything that was done for me and keep on recommending new people to visit Skin Renewal as I believe in the treatments and know others will also love the experience as I have! Thank you!" Charmaine
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