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Bernice Du Plessis

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Bernice Du Plessis

Bernice is from Polokwane and has two sons. She tragically lost her youngest son at age 17 due to a fatal motorcycle accident many year ago and her other son went to study at Stellenbosch, and settled there after completing his degree. Bernice also lost her husband and father and decided to follow her son and move to Stellenbosch to be closer to family and take care of her mother. Bernice’s mother suffers from dementia, but Bernice sees this as a privilege to be able to look after her, even though this impacts her social life as they mainly stay at home. Due to also losing 20kg by following the ‘banting diet’, smoking for many years and all the traumatic experiences of Bernice’s live her skin was riddled with deep lines and wrinkles. Through her Mooimaak transformation Bernice hoped to regain a healthy and glowing skin, to meet a new life partner.

Minki | Behind the Scenes | Skin Renewal | Kyknet
Minki | Behind the Scenes | Skin Renewal | Kyknet
Bernice's Treatments

Bernice’s Mooimaak journey was led by Dr Dalize Willemse, with additional treatments performed by therapist Johandi Koch, over a period of three months. By restoring lost volume, and repeating the use of dermal fillers, in combination with intensive laser and other collagen-stimulating treatments, Bernice’s skin has been restored to a healthy, glowing and radiant state!

Dermal fillers

Botulinum Toxin

Xela Redermalisation


Laser Genesis™

CO2 fractional Laser

Jett Plasma Eye Rejuvenation

Non-Surgical Neck-Lift: Silhouette Soft®

PDO Anchor Threads

Glycolic Peel


Transdermal Mesotherapy

Photo Dynamic Therapy

"Dr Dalize is an artist and an angel. She has so much empathy and gentleness, that the procedure was painless. The improvement was enormous, and within a few short days my wrinkles had diminished or softened."
3D Liquid Facelift: Dermal Fillers & Botulinum Toxin

The 3D Liquid Facelift is a combination of hyaluronic acid dermal fillers and botulinum toxin to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, volume restoration and facial balance. Botulinum Toxin temporarily inhibits muscle movement in the treated area removing fine lines and wrinkles, whilst dermal fillers replace lost volume, create balance and restore youthful appearance.

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"My favourite was the carboxytherapy – I loved the immediate feel of the skin being puffed up and I could feel the skin rejuvenation during the treatments!"
Carboxy-Laser Facial: Glycolic Peel, Carboxytherapy and Laser Genesis™

This combination treatment has the objective to stimulate circulation, tighten the skin a stimulate collagen production. The Glycolic peel lifts dead skin cells; whilst Carboxytherapy increases circulation resulting in fresh blood supply, and an increase of nutrients and oxygen to the treated area for renewed glow. Laser Genesis™ stimulates collagen production and accelerated skin healing and health!

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"This was the most amazing change! After the threading in the neck, there was an immediate improvement. Within a week, I was receiving compliments and comments from everyone!"
Non-surgical Neck Lift

To achieve a non-surgical neck lift, Dr Dalize used a combination of Silhouette Soft® threads and PDO monofilament and -anchor threads, to lift, tighten and stimulate collagen production. The initial results are instant, with additional collagen stimulation and lasting results visible for up to 18-24months.

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"My skin’s overall hydration and appearance was greatly enhanced – the fine lines were softened and my skin has a beautiful and natural glow."
Xela Redermalisation

Redermalisation is the proses of injecting a mixture of Hyaluronic Acid and Sodium Succinate into the skin, using a special technique. These ingredients work on the skin to improve hydration, block free radical activity and act as a powerful anti-oxidant. This addresses the causes of ageing and results in overall skin renewal.

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